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shpl SUNFEED Guar Meal basically has two grades called "Guar Meal Korma" and "Guar Meal Churi". These are cheaper than Corn Gluten Meal and Soyabean Meal. SUNFEED Guar Meal korma and Churi are used in animal feed, cattle feed, poultry feed and aqua feed formulations. SUNFEED Guar Meal Korma is available in native, clean, roasted as well as in purified forms with reduced antinutritional components like phenols, saponins, phytic acid etc. along with reduced trypsin inhibitor activity. These components reduce digestibility, taste alongwith nutritive values of Guar Meal Korma.

shpl On the basis of purity and protein content, SUNFEED Guar Meal Korma having various grades ranging from 50-60% protein content and can replace soyabean meal from the feed formulation of different animals. SUNFEED Guar Meal Churi is also available, having protein content 33-40%..


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