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shpl SUNTECH-EP is a range of natural hydrocolloids, specially manufactured by using our state of the art technology. SUNTECH-EP products are galactomannan polysaccharide obtained from ground endosperm of the legume Cyamopsis tetragonolobus.

SUNTECH-EP products can be used to thicken and gel blasting agents & explosive slurries. These products are also used as a water blocking agent in dry cartridge explosive.

shplIn water based gel slurries, thickener (SUNTECH-EP products) can be dissolved in the aqueous phase to prevent separation of undissolved oxidizer and fuel sensitizer.

In cartridge explosives, SUNTECH-EP products can be mixed with the dry explosive ingredients to prevent accidental water intrusion into the cartridge (water blocking agent).

shplDepending upon the particle size and viscosity, there are many products under SUNTECH-EP which can be used in explosive industry. Detailed specification sheets are available on request. Customized products can also be provided as per the requirement.

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